Selected Writings

Essay: Postscript, Stranger: Dishes Best Served Cold
November 9, 2017, Berfrois

Book Review: Solmaz Sharif's Look
November 23, 2016, The Puritan

In Bed with Nyla Matuk 
October 18, 2016, Queen Mob's Teahouse

Book Review: Ben Lerner's The Hatred of Poetry
August 5, 2016, The Literateur

An interview with Kate Bolick, author of Spinster
April 19, 2016, Partisan

Book Review: Shane Book’s Congotronic
January 21, 2016, Arc Poetry

Book Review: Robyn Sarah’s My Shoes are Killing Me
October 13, 2015 The Winnipeg Review

Essay: Victim Alarm
July 1, 2015 Partisan

Book Review: Kate Bolick’s Spinster
April 20, 2015 The National Post

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