Selected Poems

News Today
June 2019 The Walrus

Lapse v. Detail
April 2019 The Literary Review of Canada

Migrants' Cento
Autumn 2018 The Poetry Review

March 2018 The Walrus

Subject and Object
December 2017 Poetry

Hearing the News from America in Stalled VIA train 635
near Trenton Junction
October 12, 2017

For Your Thoughts
December 14, 2016 Berfrois

October 3, 2016 The New Yorker

Three poems
Summer 2016 Canadian Notes and Queries

Three poems
June 23, 2016 The Manchester Review

Three poems
May 7, 2016 The Literateur

January 6, 2016 Prelude

Private Parts
June 11, 2015 Partisan

Three poems
March 9, 2014 Best American Poetry blog

Notes on a Middle Aged Poet
September 4, 2013 Hazlitt

Three poems
2013 Representative Poetry Online

October 2012 The Walrus

To an Ideal
October 2012 The Walrus

Return to Metcalfe Street
June 2012 The Walrus

Oneiric, a chapbook (out of print)
April 2009 Frog Hollow Press